Mason Brooks Charcoal Rugs

Step into the modern elegance of our charcoal rugs. Known for their sophistication, depth, and a touch of mystery, these rugs are perfect for adding a sleek and contemporary look to any room. Our collection, featuring Emerson, Feather Shag, Freya, Gianna, Milford, New Dynasty, and Rowan, offers a variety of shades and patterns, each bringing its unique personality and style.

These rugs are more than just a stylish choice; they offer numerous benefits. They create a grounded and balanced atmosphere, making them ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Their versatile color complements both bold and neutral color schemes, making these rugs a flexible addition to any decor.

Explore Mason Brooks Charcoal Rugs

Sale 66% Charcoal Rug 1
Mason Brooks Emerson 6235C Charcoal Area Rug

$45.85 - $392.52

Sale 55% Charcoal Rug 2
Mason Brooks Feather Shag FH200A Charcoal Ivory Links Area Rug

$53.50 - $398.50

Sale 65% Charcoal Rug 3
Mason Brooks Feather Shag FH200B Ivory Charcoal Links Area Rug

$53.50 - $398.50

Sale 16% Charcoal Rug 4
Mason Brooks Freya FY35B Charcoal Area Rug

$32.75 - $169.15.

Sale 55% Charcoal Rug 5
Mason Brooks Milford MD60B Charcoal Lancaster Area Rug

$37.12 - $189.33

Sale 51% Charcoal Rug 6
Mason Brooks Rowan RW10C Charcoal Area Rug

$48.04 - $424.14

Sale 52% Charcoal Rug 7
Mason Brooks Gianna GA10A Charcoal Diamond Area Rug

$46.95 - $402.31.