Rugs America Claire CL10A Northern Air Area Rug


Visually striking and incredibly plush underfoot, our Northern Air area rug transforms abstract art from wall to floor. The ultra-modern free-flowing design offers playful movement, while robust natural hues such as teal, navy, and taupe create depth, perfect for any living space or bedroom. While this statement piece is eye-catching, it is versatile enough to accessorize a variety of home or office spaces. Don’t be afraid to put this rug in a high-traffic area, as its stain-resistant material will age gracefully with your home.

Vendor: Rugs America
SKU: RA31095
Additional Information:
Contemporary living room with a grey sofa, a white armchair, a cream and blue abstract rug, and a large potted plant Abstract rug with a distressed design in shades of blue and white, perfect for adding a modern and artistic touch to any room. Close-up view of a rug corner showing durable backing and abstract blue and white pattern, ideal for modern home decor. Living room with a modern sofa and a rug featuring a distressed blue and white pattern, enhancing the contemporary decor. Rolled-up rug with a distressed blue and white pattern, showcasing its durability and modern design for contemporary spaces. Close-up of a rug with a distressed blue and white pattern, highlighting its texture and contemporary design for modern interiors