Rugs America Ivida IV10A White Satin Area Rug


This striking collection of area rugs not only introduces fresh patterns and color to any space but provides sound absorption, protection for your floors, and a warm and soft surface underfoot. With every fiber meticulously power loomed into place, emulating ancestral weaving techniques, our Ivida Collection rugs offer unparalleled levels of comfort and durability. These designs will gracefully age with your home, offering years of warmth, refinement, and longevity.

Vendor: Rugs America
SKU: RA30798
Additional Information:
Our beautiful Ivida ,White Satin ,Ivida  White Satin ,2'6"x4',Vintage,Pile Height: 0.5,Dense yarn,Polypropylene,Super Soft,Dense yarn,Vintage,Abstract,Blue,White,Turkey,Rectangle,IV10A Area Rug