Mason Brooks Jada JD20A Cool Horizon Area Rug


Just like a watercolor painting, the stunning Cool Horizon area rug is a masterpiece. The ultra-modern abstract design is accentuated by gorgeous pops of blue and yellowish gold, speckled with symmetrical motifs, and exudes confidence and style. You will have so much fun incorporating this piece into your home – consider natural wood accents such as side tables and lamp bases, as well as other earthy elements such as big leafy plants or a leather ottoman. Expertly crafted, the Cool Horizon rug is equally functional and luxurious as it is visually striking.

Vendor: Mason Brooks
SKU: RA31642
Additional Information:
Stylish living room with a grey sofa, a white armchair, a blue and yellow patterned rug, and decorative plants and tables Striped rug with geometric patterns in blue and beige hues, perfect for adding a rustic touch to any room. Close-up view of a reversible rug corner showing durable backing and intricate blue and beige pattern, ideal for versatile home decor. Living room with a modern sofa and a colorful rug featuring blue and beige geometric patterns, adding warmth and style to the space. Rolled-up rug showcasing its intricate blue and beige geometric patterns, highlighting durability and style for home decor. Close-up of rug with blue and beige geometric patterns and tree motifs, adding a natural and stylish touch to any room. Detailed view of rug with blue and beige geometric patterns and tree motifs, perfect for enhancing home decor with a natural touch.