Rugs America Jada JD45A Silent Night Area Rug


The Silent Night area rug features an abstracted pattern of deep blues, soft grays, and accents of gold. Distressed with a hatched pattern of white, the visual texture of this area rug will create dimension to a bedroom or living room. Not only is this design visually interesting, but the physical texture is delightfully luxe. Adding this plush layer to your floors will help create the paradise you have always wanted your home to be. Versatile in style, this design can be coordinated with anything from traditionally romantic décor to contemporary eclectic accessories.

Vendor: Rugs America
SKU: RA31671
Additional Information:
Modern abstract rug in a living room with a grey sofa, decorative vases, and a pouf on a white floor Abstract rug with a modern design featuring blue and white patterns, ideal for contemporary living spaces.