Mason Brooks Jarden JR40A Mustang Area Rug


Introducing the Mason Brooks Jarden JR40A Mustang Area Rug—a bold and stylish addition to any home decor. This exceptional rug is crafted from polypropylene and polyester, beautifully utilizing light and dark shades to create a captivating motif. The dark backdrop sets the stage for bright yellows and blues, making it a striking piece. Power-loomed with a thick, hi-lo pile, it offers a soft touch and enduring quality. With its dramatic design and vintage notes, this rug complements both traditional and contemporary styled rooms. Elevate your space with the Jarden Mustang Area Rug from Mason Brooks and enjoy its unique blend of artistry and durability.

Vendor: Mason Brooks
SKU: RA27854
Additional Information:
Stylish living room with a black and gold abstract patterned rug, white armchair, rustic wooden furniture, and modern decor elements. Close-up of an abstract textured rug with multicolored patterns. Corner of an abstract rug with a non-slip pad on a wooden floor. Abstract textured rug in a modern living room setting. Detailed view of an abstract patterned rug with multicolored textures. Close-up view of a detailed abstract rug design in neutral tones, perfect for contemporary home decor. Macro shot of the texture and colors in an abstract rug, featuring blue, yellow, and dark hues. Side view of an abstract rug with intricate blue and yellow patterns, highlighting the texture and design. Corner of an abstract rug showcasing blue and yellow patterns on a dark background, laid on a wooden floor.