Mason Brooks Milford MD60B Charcoal Lancaster Area Rug


Introducing the Mason Brooks Milford MD60B Charcoal Lancaster Area Rug—a perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern versatility. Inspired by heirloom designs, this rug features an intricate center medallion surrounded by immaculate linework and classic motifs. The contemporary muted color palette allows this rug to complement a variety of spaces, from antique-filled rooms to ultra-modern bedrooms. Crafted for comfort and durability, the Charcoal Lancaster rug adds sophistication and charm to any decor. Elevate your home with the Milford Charcoal Lancaster Area Rug from Mason Brooks and enjoy the perfect fusion of traditional elegance and modern style!

Vendor: Mason Brooks
SKU: RA30272
Additional Information:
Close-up view of an abstract patterned rug in blue and beige hues. Classic living room with a blue and beige ornate patterned rug, gray sofa, white armchair, and green plant for a timeless look Elegant living room with a gray sofa, a patterned abstract rug, and minimalist decor. Abstract rug in a modern living room setting with stylish furniture. Detailed view of an abstract blue and beige rug in a contemporary living space. Rolled abstract rug showcasing its detailed blue and beige design. Close-up of an abstract blue and beige rug corner, highlighting intricate patterns. Close-up of the corner of an abstract rug with blue and beige patterns. "Detailed view of the edge of an abstract blue and beige rug."